Cloud Contraptions provides many programming related services including Cloud Programming, IoT Programming, Training, Web Development, DevOps, and Mentoring. Our work and experience for each of these services feeds into the other services we provide. For example, we use our cloud and web development project work to deepen our training classes, and we use the best practices taught in our training classes in our project work. We are both teachers and practitioners seeking to help customers to build their projects and grow their skills. We are proud to offer the following services.

Cloud Programming Service Icon

Cloud Programming

We specialize in programming cloud-based applications for Microsoft Azure and Cloudflare. We work with companies and governments to program and consulting on cloud-based applications.

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IoT Programming

We program IoT applications with C, Rust, Python, and GoLang. We integrate IoT applications with the cloud.

Training Service Icon


The largest part of our business, we provide live and on-demand software development training to Forture 100 companies, government, military, non-profit, and many smaller organizations.

Web Development Service Icon

Web Development

We program web applications using technologies such as React, Angular, Blazor, ASP.NET, Python, and Node.js. We work with companies and governments to program and consulting on web-based applications.

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We automate development workflows with Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Cloudflare.

Mentoring Service Icon


We mentor programmers to help deepen their skills and expand their knowledge on popular technologies. We specialize in working with programmers and their employers to strengthen their skills and knowledge. We can provide this service in combination with our training anf consulting services.