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Application Deployment with Cloudflare


2 days


The Build Applications with Cloudflare training course is tailored for computer programming professionals seeking to master the deployment of applications with Cloudflare. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including managing domain registration and SSL certificates, employing different types of SSL certificates for web application security, and optimizing web content delivery. Participants will also learn how to configure caching to expedite resource delivery and efficiently route web traffic. The course further delves into working in a multi-cloud environment and integrating deployed web applications with Cloudflare, equipping learners with the skills to navigate and optimize cloud-based platforms.


  • Explore how to deploy applications with Cloudflare
  • Manage domain registration and SSL certificates
  • Employ different kinds of SSL Certificate to secure web applications
  • Optimize the delivery of web content
  • Configure caching to speed the delivery of resources
  • Efficiently route web traffic
  • Work in a multi-cloud environment
  • Integrate a deployed web application with Cloudflare


Students should have some JavaScript/TypeScript programming experience, but it is not required. While Cloudflare supports other languages, the course uses Node.js and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Training Materials

All students receive comprehensive courseware covering all topics in the course. Students will access the courseware through GitHub. The courseware is a collection of documents and extensive code samples. Students practice the topics covered through challenging hands-on lab exercises.

Software Requirements

Students will need a free, personal GitHub account to access the courseware. Students will need a computer with a modern web browser, Visual Studio Code, and Node.js installed.


  • Introduction
    • What is Cloudflare?
    • How does Cloudflare support Application Deployment
  • Domain Registration Services
    • What are Domain Registration and Domain Registration Services?
    • Benefits of Cloudflare Registration
    • Manage Domain Names
    • Purchase a Domain Name
    • Transfer a Domain Name
  • SSL/TLS Services
    • What are SSL and SSL Management Services?
    • Encrypt Traffic Between Cloudflare and Web Browser
    • End-to-End Encryption with a Self-Signed Cert on the Web Server
    • Strict End-to-End Encryption
    • SSL/TLS Recommender
    • Update SSL Settings via the API
  • SSL Certificates
    • Edge Certificates
    • Client Certificates
    • Origin Server
    • Custom Hostname
  • Enable SSL for SaaS Applications
  • Speed
    • File Size Optimization
    • Optimized Delivery
    • Caching
    • Mobile Redirect
    • Browser Insights
  • Caching
    • Configuration
    • Cache Rules
    • Tiered Cache
    • Cache Reserve
  • Traffic
    • Cloudflare Tunnel
    • Load Balancing
    • Load Balancing Analytics
    • Health Checks
    • Waiting Room
  • Enable Multi-Cloud
    • What is Multi-Cloud?
    • Cloudflare + AWS
    • Cloudflare + Azure
    • Cloudflare + Google Cloud
    • Cloudflare + IBM
  • Reduce Cloud Data Transfers
    • What is the Band Width Alliance?
  • Integrate a deployed web application with Cloudflare
    • Evaluate how Cloudflare can optimize the web application
    • Configure a Domain Name
    • Configure SSL
    • Setup Email Routing
    • Improve Speed
    • Cache Resources
    • Manage Traffic
  • Conclusion
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